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Essential Oil – Core

Like a meditative stroll through a deep and fragrant forest, notes of wood and subtle spice help intent to turn inward; achieving centeredness and connection. Find balance with CORE.

Essential Oil – Essential Shield

The ESSENTIAL SHIELD blend will cover you with warm, familiar aromas of oranges, cinnamon and cloves, and bring you comfort and relaxation in the cold seasons.

Essential Oil – Frankincense

Obtained from aromatic Indian frankincense gum resin. The essential oil has a complex bouquet of spices, citrus and wood aromas. It has been used as a fragrance since biblical times.

Essential Oil – Inspire

Juicy citrus and cooling mint awaken the senses while spicy undertones provide the fire needed to uplift, motivate and INSPIRE!

Essential Oil – Lavender

Lavender, valued for its calming and relaxing aroma, works perfectly in many products. It is appreciated for its calming and relaxing effects.

Essential Oil – Peppermint

With its refreshing mint aroma, peppermint has unique cooling and warming properties.

Essential Oil – Recover

Ideal after exhausting exercises or sports. Brings relief to your sore muscles.

Essential Oil – Refuge

Notes of mellow floral, luscious citrus and inviting vanilla create a personal quiet space in any environment where calm is needed. As daily stresses and worries accrue, REFUGE will be your beacon for peace and serenity.

Essential Oil – Tea Tree

Tea tree oil, commonly known as the "antipode miracle”, is extracted from a tea tree found in Australia. Its distinct, pure aroma is often used in shampoos and balms.